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WP6: FNAL Muon Campus experiments
Coordinators: Valerio Giusti (University of Pisa), Gianantonio Pezzullo (INFN), Ivano Sarra (INFN)

Work Package 6 is dedicated to the Fermilab Muon (g-2) and Mu2e experiments. Muon (g-2) will take data in 2018/2019. The focus will be on the development of the data analysis tools. News researchers will take leading role in the simulation of large-scale muon samples and in the measurement of the muon spin precession frequency which are fundamental for the measurement of the muon anomalous magnetic moment.
In Mu2e News researchers will develop the neutron transport simulation to optimize ad improve the detector shielding. The simulation and design of an upgraded radiation-hard Barium Fluoride crystal calorimeter for Mu2e-II will be developed.