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WP4: Fermi-­LAT analysis 
Coordinators: Sara Cutini (INFN), Seth Digel (Stanford University), Melissa Pesce-Rollins (INFN)

The Large Area Telescope (LAT) collaboration built and now operates the principal scientific instrument on the Fermi Gamma Ray Space Telescope spacecraft launched in 2008. The LAT is a high-energy gamma-ray  telescope covering the energy range from about 20 MeV to about 1 TeV and operates mostly in sky-survey mode, covering one 20 % of the sky at any time and the entire sky every 3 hours.

The LAT has recorded more than one billion photons uniformly and continuously over the whole sky, and release the most complete catalog of more than three thousand  sources in conditions of strong gravity and magnetic fields, where high-energy photons are emitted by particles accelerated up to the speed of light.

The goal of this Work Package is to refine the software tools, update the analysis  components to compile the 4th Fermi-LAT gamma-ray source catalog, search for gamma-ray emission from targets in the sky known to host large concentrations of Dark Matter, initiate astronomy studies with  cosmic ray electrons. Software tools will be defined for data archival and analysis to build the Fermi legacy archive.