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The second generation of gravitational wave detectors allows to study the most violent phenomena in the Universe in a new multimessenger way, by taking advantage of the simultaneous observations of different cosmic messengers, such as gravitational waves (GWs) and electromagnetic (EM) radiation at all wavelengths. Several detectable GW sources, like core-collapse supernovae, NSNS or NSBH mergers, and the early evolution of newly born highly magnetized NSs, are expected to also emit electromagnetic emission across the spectrum. Sources of continuous GWs, like asymmetric spinning NSs, isolated or in binary systems, can be associated to EM emission too (e.g. pulsars), ranging from the radio to the gamma-ray band. EM observations are crucial to find and identify a counterpart, to probe the physics of the source and its environment. In fact, while GW probe the distribution of matter in the source, EM radiation tells us about acceleration and phenomena, as well as the environment where the source is. To better exploit these multimessenger opportunities, a EM follow-up program has been put together by the LIGO and Virgo collaboration, consisting in a series of collaborations with partners at various EM wavelength. This program has proven to work smoothly during the first detection, where a full EM follow-up campaign was carried on, with many instruments observing the error region associated to the event. Inside the NEWS project competences from the gravitational wave and astroparticle communities coexist and an increase of synergy is expected, in particular between Virgo and Fermi.

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