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D. Caiulo et al. “The Mu2e Calorimeter Readout System”

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D. Caiulo et al. “The Mu2e Calorimeter Readout System”

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D. Caiulo et al. "The Mu2e Calorimeter Readout System"

The Mu2e electromagnetic calorimeter is made of two disks of un-doped parallelepiped CsI crystals readout by SiPM. There are 674 crystals in one disk and each crystal is readout by an array of two SiPM. The readout electronics is composed of two types of modules: 1) the front-end module hosts the shaping amplifier and the high voltage linear regulator; since one front-end module is interfaced to one SiPM, a total of 2696 modules are needed for the entire calorimeter; 2) a waveform digitizer provides a further level of amplification and digitizes the SiPM signal at the sampling frequency of 200 MHz with 12-bits ADC resolution; since one board digitizes the data received from 20 SiPMs, a total of 136 boards are needed. The readout system operational conditions are hostile: integrated of 60 krads, neutron fluence of 1012 n(1 MeVeq)/cm2, magnetic field of 1 T and in vacuum leve of 10−4 Torr. A description of the readout system and qualification tests is reported.

Proceedings on the the PM2018 - 14th Pisa Meeting on Advanced Detectors"',
27 May 2018 - 02 June 2018, La Biodola, Isola D'Elba (Italy)"

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