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Concern 1: “Are you willing to Temporarily Describe What you believe Technology Are?”

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Concern 1: “Are you willing to Temporarily Describe What you believe Technology Are?”

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Concern 1: “Are you willing to Temporarily Describe What you believe Technology Are?”

The fresh unlock questions made qualitative analysis off children’s own responses. Textual research was analyzed utilizing the thematic study approach (Braun and you may Clarke, 2022). Our means try inductive, even as we install rules and you may layouts throughout the data content as opposed to looking to match established coding techniques (Ho mais aussi al., 2017). not, all of our educational and personal interests suggested you to research has been a little deductive (Nowell mais aussi learn this here now al., 2017). At first, on research preparing phase, questionnaire solutions was indeed typed with the a beneficial Microsoft Prosper file and you will prepared by the question. At this time, the information and knowledge were reproduced “due to the fact written” and you will were not “corrected” at all (elizabeth.grams., spelling and grammatical mistakes have not been altered). The initial blogger carried out an excellent thematic study having fun with Braun and Clarke’s assistance (Braun and Clarke, 2021, 2022). He very first discover and re also-check out the investigation to notice “interesting has.” Up coming, the guy moved to more in depth and you will systematic involvement to your studies to spot key has in it (Terry mais aussi al., 2017). Afterward, he lso are-created the info to determine larger models of meaning otherwise “prospective (initial) templates.” These types of templates was then examined, simple, and you may entitled. It is value noting you to definitely, within a few points on the studies, the codes was rearranged to higher mirror the brand new templates identified within the the knowledge. Eventually, the next author reviewed the fresh new themes as well as the related quotes. Just after conversation conferences, it had been decided that Students’ responses performed truthfully capture the latest essence of each and every motif, and so the procedure concerned a conclusion. Next metrics were utilized in order that writers were not prejudice controling the results (Desk step one).


Participants’ perceptions regarding concept of research were elicited through the concern “Do you briefly explain what you believe science is actually?” The research away from Students’ textual analysis revealed five main themes: “Science as a factor to help you person appeal,” “Science since items/factors,” “Technology since the gang of methods,” and you will “Technology as the a school subject.” A description of every theme and you can a sign examples are given below.

Technology since the a factor to help you Peoples Interests

Less than it motif, we categorized those individuals responses regarding Students’ attitudes showing the key part away from technology in our lives (N = 116, payment forty%). Of many college students approved technology as actually useful in lifestyle, since the causing condition?fixing, so that as advancing our world. Next quotations show that children perceive technology due to the fact an asset getting mankind:

“Science makes the world better and has contributed greatly to our knowledge for the physical world. Without it there would be no progress.” (P39).

A good amount of respondents indicated the scene you to research generally seems to getting necessary within our introduce-go out area and this technology features a positive impact on they. Such as for instance:

Other people stated that science was useful to anyone from inside the the fresh fixing away from the current problems. In this feel, specific people stated that the significance of technology is dependent on their versatility from inside the fixing difficulties basically. Next answers offer including exemplars:

Technology because Objects/Items

Research while the objects try the second oftentimes said malfunction out-of science (Letter = 86, fee 31%). The fresh Students’ solutions not as much as it motif consisted of records so you’re able to medical findings, medical circumstances, and you can scientific achievement. Some college students reported general descriptions of items, including:

On the other hand, particular children introduced particularly so you can technological triumph and you may casual gizmos which have which they constantly collaborate. In this case, Students’ malfunction of one’s concept of science reflected an explicit acknowledgment out-of a romance with technical. Such as for instance:

“Science is creativity with which various discoveries are made… such as technology, phones, cars, light and many other things that are useful or even useless to us.” (P144)

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